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Friday, November 4, 2011

Children's "AHAA" moments...

It's such a day maker when, as a homeschool mom, to see the EXACT moment when one of your children have the "light bulb" come on...the ahaa moment...when learning something new.  Today my youngest started learning multiplication....yes....grrr.  She was getting frustrated because she wasn't "getting" it.  I told her to just stop, take a breather.  We came back to the table and as I showed her on could start to see the moment coming.  As we practiced again and again....all of a sudden.....TA DA....the "ahaa" moment came to light.  Makes me proud but I couldn't have done it without our lord!  She is stubborn, to say the least.  She wants to do things her way, then after she sees it's not working out, she comes back to us to be showed the right way. 
Children are so awesome, they can try your patience and your sanity, but all that is how we get to where we are today! 

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